Meet the coaches

Coaching is provided by our British Triathlon and England Athletics qualified coaches, who can easily adapt and cater for novice and competition level triathletes alike.  Meet our club coaches!

Jo Mallinson

Coaching Since: 2010

Qualifications: British Triathlon Level 3 High Performing Coach, Training Peaks Accredited Coach, Open Water Coach, Triathlon Swimming coach, Indoor Cycling Coach, UKAD Accredited Advisor

Why I Coach: I started coaching as I wanted to help people achieve the best they can and show them the sport is for everyone. It’s great seeing the joy on people’s faces when they achieve something they thought they wouldn’t ever be able to do!

Top tip: Consistency in training is key to improvements. If you can try get into a regular program with your training, but don’t worry if you have to miss a session here and there, sometimes life takes priority!

Julie Lambourne

Coaching Since: 2013
Qualifications: British Triathlon Level 2 coach

Top tip: One of the most useful sessions I find is bike/run brick repeats e.g. 15 min hard bike (best on turbo) then 5 min threshold run, 2 min recovery x 3 – 4.

Ash Chapman

Coaching Since: 2021

Qualifications: British Triathlon Level 1 coach, Sports Massage Level 4

Why I coach: Time to give something back after 40 years of running and 15 years of Triathlon.

Top tip: Brick session run/bike or bike/run gives best ‘bang for buck’. Make sure to incorporate these regularly in your training.

John Budworth

Coaching Since: 2012

Qualifications: British Triathlon Level 2 Diploma, Strength and Conditioning coach, Open Water swimming coach.

Why I coach: Love seeing people’s journey in our fantastic sport from un-sure newbie to accomplished athletes

Top tip: Keep training simple but do it well… & smile

Tom Hibberd

Coaching Since: 2010

Qualifications: British Triathlon Level 2 coach, Open Water swimming coach, indoor cycling coach

Why I coach: Got into coaching after injury now enjoy helping people have adventures

Top tip: Enjoy the process and don’t focus on the performance

Stephanie Muzzall

Coaching Since: 2021

Qualifications: England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness

Why I coach: Late bloomer who learnt to swim and run from scratch at 30, I want to show others they can do it, whether they join for Tri or for fun!

Top tip: “I wish I’d joined a Tri club sooner, learn from my mistakes!”



Maggi Tebrake

Coaching Since: 2015

Qualifications: British Triathlon Level 2 coach

Why I coach: I wanted to share with others my enjoyment of swimming, cycling and running. It is very rewarding to see people develop, gaining confidence in the pool, in open water and on the bike.

Top tip: Aim to finish every race with a smile on your face!