Get to know our amazing members!

Catherine Stocks – joined 2021

August 2021 and I’m standing on the edge of Colwick lake in my halter neck beach swimming costume waiting to start TFN’s ‘Go Tri’ aquathlon, questioning my sanity having hardly swum since school… Race starts, can’t breathe, feel like I’m going backwards and am never going to get out of that lake. Gave myself a talking to (someone always has to come last, even in the Olympics!) but I’m NEVER doing this ever again.

But then the run, I like running, great support on the way around and I did finish and I wasn’t quite last. A friendly club member told me they’d been in my exact position a year before, joined the club, went to coached swims and they were now doing triathlons. In a moment of madness I signed up to TFN and got persuaded (by another mad friend) to enter a middle distance tri (I then discovered most people start with a sprint, oops!)

The coached swims have been great to hugely improve my swimming technique and confidence, friendly running sessions, loads of race tips and also some group rides with local members. Plus a fantastic club, banter and encouragement on the Whatsapp group and lots of socials and fun.

Fast forward 10 months and, despite a stress fracture training for Manchester marathon and being out of action for 8 weeks, I survived my first sprint triathlon at Staunton Harold (nabbing first in age category – no one needs to know there were only 4 of us) and went on to complete Holkham Half Outlaw 3 weeks later, totally surpassing all expectations.

What a journey, awesome club – joining is the best thing I’ve done and loved it all!



Jenny Gibbon- joined 2021

As the saying goes, why be bad at one sport when you can be rubbish at three!?

I had dabbled in triathlon for a few years (doing mainly sprints) before joining TFN, but was more focused on running. After an injury put a stop to my running for a while I took up swimming and watched TFN flying up and down the lanes. After a bit of coaxing from a friend, I finally braved a swim session, and when I didn’t drown, I kept challenging myself to turn up.

Soon I was going just to see people in the club who were now my lovely new friends and kept talking about crazy challenges which I loved the idea of having a go at.

The people at the club keep me motivated – seeing how they train and compete so well, but more how they celebrate everyone whatever your ability. That and I’m not one to say no to a post run cake and coffee…

Next year I’m hoping to complete in a few Olympic distance events and a 70.3 with a few TFNers. #TotalFun!