HUUB Triathlon Relay Championships, August 2023

Published date: Sat 3rd December

A fixture in the triathlon calendar is the National Triathlon Relays held right at our doorstep at Holme Pierrepont National Watersports Centre. Thanks to some cat-herding by Adrian Campbell, team TFN whipped up seven teams to participate in the “organised chaos”!

TFN Spanners – Steve Spanker Haigh, Jackhammer Jez Smedley, Shaheed Angle-Grinder Abbas-Norris, Mike Mallet Jones

TFN Tri-Hard Cath Woop-woop Stocks, Bob BTF Marley, Smiley Lucy Spence and Rosie UltraNutter Helps

TFN Tigers Jaguar Josh Gardiner, Orla Ocelot Godfrey, P-Ann-ther Gould, Ash Cheetah Chapman

TFN Bombshells Jenny Glitzy Gibbon, Emma Margarita Mason, Julie Jubilee Lambourne, Jo Prosecco Mallinson

TFN Nappers Adrian Aussie Campbell, Nigel the Don Turner, Mark Doyley-Doyle, Christina Catnap Brady

TFN Legends Timmy Woop-woop Doyle, Coach John Budworth, Adrian Ade Wheatley, Lisa the Chan-meister

TFN Feisty Foreigners Jess Gnocchi Necchi, Vreni Raclette Verhoeven, Cath Croissant Millet, Joon Spring-Rolled Ho

We had an absolute blast on the day; great company, perfect weather, with a bit of racing in between! Kudos to Josh and Shaheed for their first relay experience!